Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We are growing in Pushpanjali Hostel, Kiralaga - Orissa

The progress of children in Pushpanjali Hostel, Kiralaga (Orissa) – India

The first stage for the development of the children is the support needed, and this is answered through FOSCARMIS, helping in their proper nutrition, and favouring their integral growth.

FOSCARMIS extends its wings of generosity to respond to the needs of the children, a good nutrition for a better academic performance and better service. This has been vital to our children.

We have seen the progress of educating the children though various methods so as to develop their intellectual capacity. They look happier and healthier.

FOSCARMIS has touched the development of the mind, body and spirit of the children in Pushpanjali and has helped improve their creative thinking.

Thank you, thank you very much FOSCARMIS.

With our affection and prayers,
Community of Pushpanjali
Kiralaga – Orissa, INDIA

9 September 2011

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