Approved Projects 2012

Territory: Notre dame d’Afrique -IVORY COAST-
(Sakassou-IVORY COAST)

Name of the Project: Continuation in helping the AIDS patients

Objetive: To offer assistance to AIDS patients and the affected families in view of family and social integration.

The reality of these patients is very complex and their needs are much more than medical treatment. They need a balanced and regular diet.
We consider it urgent to have a social and economic support to meet at least some of their basic needs.
Once the balanced diet is met, the mini-projects of subsistence and work could be financed.
The feeding program aims to meet the needs of 35 patients in a year.
The mini-projects are meant to help 10 patients.


Territory: Our Lady of Guadalupe - CENTRAL AMERICA

Name of the Project: Integral care of children from 5 to 14 years

To provide care for children of 11 communities that we visit very often for various reasons, providing them snacks, school supplies and blankets in order to improve their quality of life in some aspects.

The project aims to provide snacks on a weekly basis. So far, they were only given three times a year and also to provide shoes and blankets to 130 children from Bateyes where catechesis is conducted.


Territory: Mater Carmeli-EUROPE-

Name of the Project: Centre for Infants “Guardería las Huelgas”

To offer to families a space to leave their children while mothers are engaged in workshops,
jobs or seeking for employment which could help augment their meager income.

It responds to the needs of children from 0 - 3 years and their families to harmonize work and family life, facilitating the access of women to work so that the children could be well attended in their basic needs like developing habits and skills appropriate to their age.


Territory: Mater Carmeli-EUROPE-

Name of the project: Course for household helpers

To offer a small economic contribution for the immigrant women through adequate and quality training in order to improve their job placement process in the field of home care for dependent people.

The course aims that the beneficiaries of the project may assimilate basic values to attain the general objective: awareness of their new environment, personal skills and labor relations, housework, attention and care for the elderly. It also collaborates in the migration process and shares in the grief of the migrants.


Territory: Mater Carmeli-EUROPE-

Name of the Project: Day care Centre for children from 5 to 13 years

To offer to the children who are coming to the center opportunities and services so as
to foster their integral development and integration in the society.

The project cares for the children from poor families with financial and emotional needs coming from broken families.
It offers the children, outside school hours, protection and assistance in doing their school assignments, art and entertainment.
We also try to get in touch with their families especially with their mothers.


Territory: Santa Rosa de Lima – PERU- (Santoyo)

Name of the Project: Psycho-pedagogical recovery of children and adolescents

To receive the children and the youth in order to accompany and guide them in developing their capacities and skills with the aim of cultivating in them positive attitudes to assume family and social realities.

It consists in developing an integral program for the children and the youth who attend the Cassa outside school hours and who are in a very risky situation. It aims to help them in doing their school assignments and to grow in their affective-emotional and social maturity.
It also emphasizes the development of artistic skills, manual work and games.


Territory: Santa Rosa de Lima – PERU- (Chimbote)

Name of the project: Eco nutrition

To promote the integral development of the children of “Fe y Alegria” school through training, nutrition and specialized care to improve their academic performance.

It consists in providing healthy food in the school refectory so that those with nutritional and learning deficiencies would improve their academic performance and actively participate in their formation.
It involves them in an ecological program that includes the collection of plastic bottles and paper for recycling with the objective of promoting environmental awareness and care of their surroundings and at the same time to earn income for their own food and health.


Territory: Túquerres, Provincia “Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesús” - BOGOTÁ

Name of the Project: “Footsteps of love”

To accompany the elderly poor in a comprehensive way through visits in order to improve their personal and environmental hygiene, health and nutrition.

It aims at improving the quality of life of 55 elderly and unprotected poor by providing them stable nutrition, mental health, hygiene, protection, visits and healings.
Affiliation to SISBEN (Identification of potential beneficiaries of social programs) or EPS (authorities that promote health).
Processing of moderate contribution with the Municipal Mayor.


Territory: Villa María Caldas, Province “Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesús” - BOGOTÁ

Name of the Project: “Dreams of life”

To offer to 30 young girls from 10-18 years entertainment and educational activities in order to guide them use their free time by harnessing their human and spiritual dimension so as to help them transform their family and social environment.

The reality is of poverty where prostitution, child exploitation, sexual abuse and single mothers are prevalent.
It aims to motivate a group of young girls so that, through entertainment and formative activities, they would be helped to get out from a degrading environment.
It will be carried out by stages, taking into account the different age groups, with specific activities for each, to help them discover other values.


Territory: Tumaco, Province “Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesús” - BOGOTA

Name of the project: “Buds of spring”

To animate and accompany 15 unemployed women heads of the family in order to face poverty in a dignified manner through productive work of sewing school and business uniforms.

The sources of income are fishing and agriculture.
It is an area strongly affected by guerrillas and drug trafficking with a large unemployment.
The project intends to provide workshops for sewing of uniforms, training in design and dressmaking.
It facilitates business outlets for the sale of uniforms.


Territory: Misamis Oriental, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau” - PHILIPPINES

Name of the project: “Nurturing hope in the prisoners”

To offer literacy help to 150 prisoners for the year 2013 so that when they will be free they could have easy access to employment.

To continue the literacy and skills project which was funded by a nun from Canada from 2007-2009.
It will be carried out with the help of volunteers.
The literacy program will include skills on electricity and refrigeration.
During the seasons of Lent and Advent they are given recollections.
In some cases, support for judicial follow up is being offered.


Territory: Langata, Nairobi, Delegation “Mother of the Church” - KENYA

Name of the project: “Feeding program”

Objective: To strengthen the feeding program for 150 children of John Paul II Academy of Lemek Parish

The Lemek Parish is located in the Diocese of Ngong where a Masai population is experiencing great difficulty due to drought.
Children cannot attend classes in school because they have to go with their parents searching for water and food for the people and animals.
The project aims to provide food for the children so that they could attend classes in school.


Territory: Raruowa – Homa Bay, Delegation “Mother of the Church” - KENYA

Name of the project: “Furniture for St. Lucy’s girls school”

To improve the school infrastructure for the development of learning in a better condition so as to promote the dignity of students.

Raruowa is a small and poor village belonging to the district of Nyanza in western Kenya about 10 kms. far from Victoria lake.
Fishing is the main occupation of the inhabitants in this area.
The sisters took over this school in January 2011 and there is a great need for organization, maintenance and equipment.
With the help of Foscarmis, school furnitures could be provided in order to facilitate the educational process in the transmission of knowledge to the students.

Territory: Argelia, Province “Sagrado Corazón” - MEDELLIN

Name of the project: “More recycling more market”

Objective: To improve the quality of life of the people and to promote their dignity through organized labor that would augment family income and give attention to their basic needs.

The project has already begun in the house of "Pan y vida" in Argelia village. The Sisters want to be involved by giving formation and helping the people improve their condition.
The recipients are people with less resources, displaced and unemployed.
It intends to conduct workshops to train and raise awareness of the importance of recycling and care for nature.
It entails to expand in quantity and quality of the marketing they receive for recycling.


Demarcación: Mati, Davao Oriental, Province “Blessed Francisco Palau” - PHILIPPINES

Name of the Project: “Feeding program in “Baso elementary school”

To improve the nutritional health of children of "Baso" elementary school so that they could continue and manage effectively the learning process.

Poor families of farmers and fishermen. The children suffer from malnutrition and they have to walk up to 15 kms. to reach the school. Sometimes, they go even without meals exhausted of fatigue that causes illness and absence from school.
This project is coordinated with the feeding program of the diocese.
This project seeks to improve nutrition and health of the children so that they could respond better and continue learning.
The food given to the children from kindergarten to Grade VI is prepared by their mothers three times a week .