Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Council of Administration 2011

A new encounter full of expectations and hopes;of illusions and desires to do good in all corners of the world.
We, Maríaestela Cuesta, Carmen Rosa Palacio, Soledad Franco, Silveria Madtha, and Elsie Ybera, were gathered in Rome for our annual encounter, from April 4 to 12, 2011. Our aim was to review the matters related with Administration, such as receiving and studying of the reports sent to us regarding the FOSCARMIS Project; to evaluate the results and to approve new ones, so that the congregational solidarity may continue to expand for the benefit of our many brothers and sisters.
Our thanks to the whole Congregation for the support and continuous gestures of solidarity, without which, it would be impossible to offer this assistance.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Congratulations to the new projects

The new Projects of FOSCARMIS for 2011 have just been approved. Congratulations!

Let us move forward with solidary commitment, so that each day our brothers and sisters may be able to make their life more humane, given all the possibilities for development and thus, may live happily.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Come and know us

Welcome to the blog of Foscarmis. You may ask what is FOSCARMIS? FOSCARMIS is the Solidarity Fund of the Carmelite Missionaries, which seeks to sensitize men and women of goodwill to reach out and to collaborate in the different situations faced by many of our brothers and sisters today.

To be solidary is to have the mind and heart open to listen to the cries of the people and to know the right moment to extend a hand.
Solidarity is a virtue that is learned from childhood, when we were taught in our homes generous gestures towards others: gestures of help, of compassion, of mercy.
To be solidary is to know that someone at my side is living moments of loneliness and pain. It is to perceive the need of the other and to reach out to him/her so that, from his/her possibilities and with our help, the situation can be overcome.


To keep the eyes attentive always
to the cry of pain of others, listening to their cry for help
is Solidarity.

To feel like one’s own the suffering of the brother
near and far, owning the anguish of the poor is Solidarity.

Becoming a messenger of the sincere and fraternal embrace,
some peoples send to others
is Solidarity.

Allowing oneself to be moved by a message loaded with hope, love and peace,
to the point of shaking hands the brother’s hand
is Solidarity.

(Leonidas Proaño)

Blog Foscarmis

Welcome once again to our Blog. In the section on Approved Projects 2011, you can know the Projects that have met the requirements in order to receive assistance from the Solidarity Fund.