Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy children in Thailand

108 students of the 1st to 6th grace of the Thung Sala, Elementary School are the recipients of this beautiful project that seeks to improve their diets to achieve an adequate physical and social development. (Ratchabury THAILAND-)

We wish to share how we are doing to all those who have contributed their part to this project.

The project began in June 2011 with the evaluation of existing menu (lunch) for kids. A better menu was prepared by the school principal, teachers, the Carmelite Missionaries, and the head of the kitchen. Currently they have prepared different dishes for the 20 school days, to be repeated for each month.

On July 12, 2011, the children had medical evaluation of their health. There were 16 children who needed supplemental nutrition.

The Principal and teachers have expressed their gratitude and appreciation because they really believe that the project can improve the health of the children and eventually help them study better.

We will visit the families of the children who are in most need of nutrition.
A seminar-workshop for children on personal hygiene is carried out, and another on how to prepare more nutritious food for their children is given to the teachers and parents.
Volunteer doctors will visit the children on different occasions to make the evaluation.

Thanks to everyone who generously offered a hand to the needy!

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