Friday, September 23, 2011

From Unguía - Colombia

“Sowing Hope”

Thanks Foscarmis – this is the word that comes out from the hearts of children, parents and sisters - for allowing us to dream about the possibility of improving our quality of life.

As the name says, “Sowing Hope,” we have started our project with great hope; we have already built chicken sheds and garden beds. There is much excitement among the children, parents and sisters in receiving this support from FOSCARMIS.

The children take charge of getting the manure and sawdust for the garden beds and sheds. They go out with their sacks enthusiastically, accompanied by Sister Ninfa, searching for good fertilizer and soil for sowing, and they also obtain sawdust from the woodwork of the town. They seem like ants coming and going, laughing and jumping, bringing the necessary elements for the cultivation.

But it was not all joy and celebration; we had the first great suffering at the barn, because just three days after the chickens arrived, there had been a flood in the village and of course as always, we have had the worst part. We had to move the chickens to the second floor of the house, which was, the only dry place left, and placed them in the library because we had no other choice; there we lived with them for two days. After this, we initiated appropriate corrective measures so this will not happen again.

We have begun the project for only a short time but we are daily in expectation, pending at every moment how the chickens are, if they are not sad, if they are healthy. May the seeds we sow be bursting, that they may grow well… At any rate, we never stop seeking for ways and means to make everything work, and we continue to do so to achieve the goals we have proposed to develop this project.

Once again, thanks to FOSCARMIS, the solidary commitment of the Congregation is bearing fruit!

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