Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alternative progress and wellbeing

This is the name of the Project approved by Foscarmis for Vijagual.

Vijagual is a small town in Colombia, located on the banks of the Magdalena River. During the last two years, the harsh winter in our country was felt strongly, which has caused flooding, loss of homes, of crops, and whatever means of livelihood.

One way to help these families has been this project, to which we have put much effort and dedication. 15 women heads of households have joined together for the breeding and marketing of chickens. With the support of Foscarmis, each of them in their homes opened up a place for the chickens, feeding them and seeing them grow; and at each determined period, they are sold and through the proceeds of such sale, they buy new ones; a portion of the money is set aside to sustain the project, and the rest is given to each of the women to help support their families.

They are happy; they meet, study, and learn, forming themselves in topics of interest, reflecting and praying. It is an integral formation that is slowly bearing fruit.

Again, Thanks to Foscarmis!

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