Evaluation of Projects for the year 2011

Territory: St. John of the Cross- ARGENTINA

Name of project: Water, a necessity for all

Date started: 2009

To ensure water supply to families as well as for the school

- There has been a 100% increase of the agricultural produce with 50% marketing and fresh vegetables were supplied to school refectory
- It was able to raise animals for meat and a small-experimental field was used for the cultivation of sugar cane, banana and pineapple


Territory: St. John of the Cross - ARGENTINA
Rio Cuarto-Argentina

Name of the project: Come, let us go together

Date started: May 2011

Objective: To accompany and empower women to learn to pay attention to contagious diseases, for a better performance in the domestic economy and in the care of children.

- There has been an increase in the number of neighbors incorporated in the training and community work, especially women.
- It has accompanied farmers in the community organization to address health problems by looking for resources.
- It has taken preventive measures for dengue disease in the families.
- It has improved links of the community to seek for solutions to common problems.

Territory: St. John of the Cross- ARGENTINA

Name of the Project: Transit Home

Date started: 2010

Objective: To provide a welcoming place for people who move to the city for health reasons or for official documents processing in order to avoid spending the night in the street.

-The home plays an important social function.
-It is known by all the around and it aims in accommodating people who do not have a place to spend the night.

Territory: Our Lady of Apparition -BRASIL-

Name of the project: Social learning

Date started: 2011

Objective: To promote the development of autonomy and the role of young people with a view to integration in the labor market.

-It has trained 200 youth for the labor market.
-It has opened possibilities for the continuation of studies through the agreement with the Association of the companies in the city.
-It has brought about growth in the self-esteem of the youth and of the family. Some young people have left the world of drugs.
- The level of learning was very well evaluated by the educative institution that supports this process with the Ministry of Education. (SENAC)


Territory: Our Lady of Apparition –BRASIL
Name of the project: Life and Harmony

Date started: 2007

Objective: To promote integral health of the people with preventive actions that facilitate the development of their potentials and improve their living conditions so that they would be agents of transformation.

- There has been an increase in awareness on the benefits of alternative medicines.
- It has provided training to some people in the locality for this cause.
- Meetings with the volunteers to plan activities, gatherings and integration of team personnel
have been conducted.
-It has attained development of natural health products.
- The beneficiaries of the project have learned Massage Therapy.


Territory: St. Therese–BOGOTA
Name of the project: Hands of women that sing for life

Date started: 2010

Objective: To animate and support the formation of 40 women, heads of the family, so as to help improve their family conditions and the actual transformation of their environment.

- There has been significant changes in their attitudes towards family, community in the neighborhood and towards themselves.
- There has been a decrease in domestic violence.
- There has been a decrease in gossips, envy and intolerance.
- It brought about advances in general, technical, cultural and social knowledge.
- It has developed their capacity of forgiveness, tolerance and approach to the Word of God manifested in solidarity, openness, listening and generosity.
- There has been production and sale of craft items that has brought improvement to their economic possibilities.
- Hope for the future is seen in group unity for the development and sale of crafts with mini projects


Territory: St. Therese –BOGOTA
Name of the Project: Youth harmony

Date started: 2008
Objective: To promote, guide and support the integral training of young people of Norcasia

- It has benefited over 300 children and youth supported by their families
- Opportunities have been created to integrate families.
- The levels of violence and abuse have been decreased.
- Young people are committed to the project by becoming trainers to other youth.
- The project has been recognized in the locality.
- It has strengthened the musical and cultural interest in the village.

Territory: Notre Dame d’Afrique IVORY COAST
Sakassou-Ivory Coast
Name of the Project: Help to the AIDS Patients

Date started: 2010

Objective: To offer integral help to AIDS patients and affected families.

- Every month it has helped 27 families with a total of 35 patients.
- It has given mini projects and subsistence to 7 patients.


Territory: Notre Dame d’Afrique IVORY COAST
Tiebissou-Ivory Coast

Name of the Project: Rural sanitary help

Date started: 2009

Objective: To contribute and foster the health of the inhabitants of the region of Tiebissou, deprived from the access to hospitals or clinics.

- The patients and their families are made aware of the importance and need to go to the clinic before they become seriously ill.
- There has been monitoring of health especially of the children and disease prevention.
- It brought about awareness and preparation of mothers for their children’s varied diet


Territory: Teresa de los Andes –CHILE
Pisco Elqui-Chile

Name of the Project: Workshop on handicrafts for women promotion

Date started: 2009

Objective: To provide a space for handicrafts workshop for the promotion of women to enable them earn income and improve their self esteem.

-Workshops have been conducted on: Watermark, porcelain, jewelry, Russian embroidery, bobby pins.
-It has fostered interest in learning, improvement of self-esteem and appreciation of their own abilities.
- There has been consolidation and integration of the group.
- It has awakened interest for micro enterprise and joined in a social action group with legal personality.
- It has installed a retail center. “Kchivaches del Valle”.
- It has established an organized group with its own executive committee.


Territory: Teresa de los Andes –CHILE

Name of the Project: Accompaniment of broken families

Date started: 2010

Objective: To provide opportunities for human growth, psychological and spiritual support to children, youth and adults in our mission place.

- It has given opportunities for formation and reflection.
-Young people participating in workshops and seminars have improved their self-esteem and social habits, lessening levels of aggression among them and have developed communication.
-The parents have grown in commitment to the education of their children.


Territory: Mater Carmeli EUROPE

Santa Coloma de Gramenet-Barcelona-Spain
Name of the Project: An opportunity for them

Date started: 2010

Objective: To offer to 20 women immigrants an opportunity to have a Nursing Assistant certification in Geriatrics so that they can enter into the working field.

- It helped the women to acquire working habits: attendance, punctuality, speed in work and respect for the established rules
-They have been able to relate to other cultures and to know other human, cultural and religious realities
-They have better resources to adapt to present social and labor context.


Territory: Santa Rosa de Lima –PERU
Villa María del Triunfo-Peru

Name of the Project: Solidarity & dignified life

Date started: 2009

Objective: To implement and provide continuity to the services we offer for social promotion and solidary commitment in this area.

-Regular presence in the library has brought about a better school performance and development of social skills
-The children’s house has already official recognition from the Ministry of Education which is a proof of dedicated service to the children.
-The organization of women is gaining strength in its service to the community dining room.
-Women have become aware of their dignity, recognizing their values and developing their leadership role in the family and community.


Territory: Province“Blessed Francisco Palau”, PHILIPPINES
Mati, Davao Oriental-Philippines

Name of the Project: “Feeding program in Culian elementary school”

Date started: June 2011

Objective: To improve nutrition and health of children in one elementary school in order that they would improve their academic performance.

- There has been an organized program for the children’s diet, improved nutrition and better academic performance.
- It has increased the students’ attendance in the classroom.
- It has fostered collaboration among parents, teachers and students.
- Parents have been motivated to send their children to school.


Territory: Province “Blessed Francisco Palau”, PHILIPPINES

Cagayan de Oro-Philippines

Name of the Project: “Hog raising to alleviate poverty”

Date started: June 2010

Objective: To raise hogs by introducing the Korean methods of sustainable agriculture to improve the economic situation of the families.

- It has augmented income of 100 poor families from the sale of pigs, manure, vegetables, herbs and recycling garbage.
- It has resulted in the self-sustainability of the project.
- The project beneficiaries have grown in knowledge to be responsible in the care of nature.
- It has improved the relationship between the staff and farmers.


Territory: Province “St. Francis Xavier”, INDIA


Name of the Project: “Women Development”

Date started: September 2010

Objective: To promote 400 women from 15 to 50 years of 5 villages to learn how to read, write and to establish relationship among themselves.

- It has created unity and collaboration among women’s groups.
- There has been positive change in the quality of family life because women have gained respect.
- There has been a growth in self-esteem and change of attitude in Muslim women.
- It has improved the health and quality of life of women.
- Women have learned to read, write and count and 80% of them are engaged in income generating programs.


Territory: Province “St. Francis Xavier”, INDIA

Name of the Project: “Integral promotion of women”

Date started: January 2008

Objective: To train and provide comprehensive training to women in the South District, Sikkim, India.

- It has promoted integral, sustainable and economic stability.
- Women have learned to read, write and give importance to the education of their daughters.
- There has been a growth in self-confidence of women in themselves and others.
- They have learned cleanliness, hygiene and the importance of health care.
- There has been an increase in awareness in the care of nature.
- They are giving impetus to the income generating activities.


Territory: Province “St. Francis Xavier”, INDIA
Orissa- Kiralaga- India

Name of the Project: “Better feeding for a better academic performance”

Date started: June 2011

Objective: To improve the students’ nutrition for a better academic performance and less diseases.
- It has improved 95% of the students’ health.
- The students have a better environment to stay and study and 75% of them have obtained good academic results.
- The creative teaching has increased the presence of the children in the school.
- The instruction given on how to care for the environment has made them aware of the importance of cleanliness.
- Learning games and sports has brought about joy and positive changes in the children.


Territory: Delegation “Mary Mother of the Church”, KENYA

Name of the Project: “Poor and needy children”

Date started: Year 2009

To provide food, clothing, health care and to offer moral and catechetical formation for the 120 children.

- It has reduced malnutrition and has brought about a positive attitude in the behavior of children.
- It has developed emotional and psychological stability in the youth.
- They have implemented recreational activities and skills training for the youth to generate income.


Territory: Province “Mater Carmeli”, EUROPE
El Prat de Llobregat-Barcelona-SPAIN

Name of the Project: “Course for household workers and care for the elderly”

Date started: January 2011

Objective: To support the participation of immigrant women through adequate training for their employment in household care

- It has improved the attendance, punctuality and interest of the students for their active participation in class.
- Out of 30 girls who completed the course 23 of them have found a job immediately and others in the following months.
- Three students have acquired job contracts with the municipality of El Prat to work in two Homes for the aged.
- The students have appreciated the financial support offered to them for attending this training.


Territory: Province “Mater Carmeli”, EUROPE

Name of the Project: “Residencial program for subsaharians”

Date started: January 2011

Objective: To provide residence and place for meeting for African people who are in search of social and labor insertion.

- Thirty seven youth were given accommodation during the regularization of their documentation.
- Nine young people have acquired an employment contract.
- It has improved facilities and living conditions of the Tres Cantos Home.
- They were engaged in practical training like organic gardening as a possible source for living.


Territory: Province “Sagrado Corazón”, MEDELLIN

Name of the Project: “Dining room”
Date started: May 2010

Objective: To continue contributing to the maintenance of the dining hall that is supported by “Fundación Saciar” which the sisters administer from 7 years now by providing food to 250 persons including infants, children and elderly.

- It has provided food and comprehensive training to 150 students, 45 babies and 35 elderly.
- Both mothers and children have grown in the sense of belonging to the dining room and they have collaborated voluntarily in menu preparation, cleaning and organization of the dining room.
- It has attained a more qualified labor to some mothers which favors their family income.


Territory: Province “Sta. Rosa de Lima” PERU

Name of the Project: “Specialized training for teachers and parents”

Date started: January 2011

Objective: To train teachers and parents in taking special care of the children in order to lessen aggressiveness and lack of affection.

- The parents especially the mothers were contented in the meetings.
- They have overcome shyness and low self-esteem.
- With the training they were motivated to work with greater enthusiasm and confidence.
- It was noted that they have implemented with the children what they have learned.
- The children have benefitted because they received good treatment from the teachers and are cared for by their parents with greater closeness and understanding at home.
- The child care Centre has become more cheerful. In the recent activities there was almost total attendance of the mothers.